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Booking guidelines


  1. All bookings for new clients require a mandatory consultation. No services can be rendered until after the consultation is completed and both parties agree to the best course of action for the client.

  2. All appointments booked required a credit card to book. This is not required for every appointment once saved on confidential file. Only the processing company has access to client’s personal information.

  3. Once an appointment has been set, it is the clients’s responsibility to provide any further communication. Client’s must provide 48 hours for cancellation, service changes, or additional service requests. 

  4. Cancellations and changes made within the 72 hour period are subject to additional charges beyond the service, such as a cancellation fee of $30 or 30% for changes made without communication. Failure to pay said charges results in client dismissal.

  5. Client’s are responsible for adhering to appointment times. Clients are offered a 15 minute grace period before their appointment is cancelled or rescheduled. At 20 minutes, it is the discretion of the service provider to determine whether a client will be seen after the grace period has ended or rescheduled

  6. Clients and providers are responsible for late appointment communication. Both parties are required to state and agree to new proposed time changes, and approval for time changes is made with the service provider. 

  7. Last minute cancellation qualifications:

    1. Positive COVID test- client must provide a negative test to reschedule 

    2. Inclement weather the day of said weather- as determined by the service provider 

    3. Truist Stadium traffic interferences- very rare and are usually accommodated before the day of service

        All other cancellations will be assessed and fees determined by the service provider. Repeated cancellations or late arrival times will result in client dismissal.

Salon Etiquette 

  1. No cell phones are allowed while services are provided. Client must dismiss themselves to take phone calls.

  2. Salon visitors are limited to those receiving services. Additional guests are not permitted. Clients must dismiss themselves to interact with personal friends and family not receiving services. 

  3. Limit eating and drinking to items that can be removed from the salon at the end of the salon appointment. 

  4. All parties involved must wear a mask for the duration of all appointments. Additional disposable masks are provided at the appointment time. 


Communication Guidelines 

  1. The clinical number is 470-723-6410. This is the only number available for client communication

  2. Client communication hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. Please allow 48 hours for response.

  3. Bookings will no longer be made via text and will be rerouted to the online booking system at​​

  4. All appointments booked via text message are subject to a concierge fee of $15 added to each appointment booked. 

Hours of Operation:

Salon hours

Tuesday 4-8

Wednesday 10- 7:30

Friday 9- 8:30

Saturday 8- 3

2470 Windy Hill rd se 
Suite 442
Marietta, GA 30067 

(470) 723-6410 

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