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July Newsletter

Summer is rolling right along, with hot weather and fun activities!!

The perfect hair style compliments every outfit and makes it easier to enjoy the season. Lets check out what HQHC has in store for the month of July!!!

Outside is officially open. Like Bust.. Wide.. Open

So is HQ for all things beauty and healthy growing hair.

Now is the time for protective styling, crochets, bouncy curls, natural styles. These options are beneficial for your image, the health of your hair and most importantly, longevity. Protective styles are easy to maintain and go with the flow of the weather. No more worrying about sweating your silk press, let your texture shine this summer.

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Mask Updates

First, a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported HQHC during the pandemic in 2020. Clients have worn masks, and checked their temperatures and even filled out a growing waiver for more than a year now. Together we have maintained a COVID 19 free clinic and salon space

Now that the CDC is lifting the mask ban, so are we. Clients who are vaccinated and have filled out at least one COVID-19 waiver are able to go mask free during their appointments. To clients who have not gotten the vaccine, if you would like to still wear a mask you are more than welcome. Your safety is very important and HQ respects your decisions. Please be advised that COVID waiver is still applicable in this case to ensure your safety during your visit.

Back to School

The academic school year is quickly approaching. Confidence is key to a successful year, and hair is the best accessory. Many students are going back to campus for the first time in a while. Others have been in protective styles just as long. Drop your cuties off at HQHC to get her ready! Ends will need trimming. Curls will need conditioning. In the end, hair will be serving.

Summer schedule

In full transparency, the salon schedule will slightly change for the next few months. During this time I will have to travel more to take care of family back home. This might reduce the days available and delay communication when traveling. Please schedule pertinent dates and appointments online as soon as possible. Any dates that need to be rescheduled, will be done so with care. Your support in this matter makes the world go around and I will always work to ensure your best experience. Thank you to everyone who has shared kind words and support on this matter


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