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June Newsletter

Welcome to a mild summer y’all!!

Let’s be honest, the summer can be treacherous to our hair. So let Us be proactive and stay ahead of the hair game!!

Rainy Weather= Frizzy Blowouts

Noticing your sleek bobs are starting to puff up?

That is our hair reacts because the humidity in the air. This actually means that your hair is healthy and responds accordingly to different environments. For survival’s sake, thats not too bad. For hot girl summer though, we need a game plan.

First, consider getting a smoothing treatment! They really do help with curly hair and thermal protection. This would be the best bet for versatility in the hair.

And as a bonus, smoothing treatments also help with wash and gos. Your hair will be easy to detangle and you can finally enjoy your curl length.

Fathers’ Day

What are you doing for the man in your life? Being a Dad is one of the toughest jobs out there, and we must show our support. Start with his beard, if you haven’t planned out a full experience. The beard pack is a kit that will restore dry damaged beards, into thick lustrous manes just for him. Order yours online today at


Celebrate the Blackest Holiday of them ALL!!! Support your favorite Black owned business with a discount on all products and oils!!!!

That’s right! Discounts for you! Discounts for you too!!

Save 20% on all online orders, as a thank you for freedom!

4th of July Schedule

Schedules will be busy that weekend, so please plan ahead!!! Listed below is the schedule for the weekend. Book your spot online at

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