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May Newsletter

The Sun is Shining on You!!!

The weather is finally breaking and its time to get outside. Get your hair ready for all the special moments in May

Mothers’ Day is May 9th?

So, Whats the Plan?

Now more than ever Moms need all the love and care. Lets start this weekend off right, with a stop at HeadQuarters Hair Clinic.

Our services caters the clients preference and needs. Your favorite music, scents, and soft luscious hair styles.

Has mom been experiencing gradual hair loss? Does she mention that her hair “isn’t as thick as it used to be”?

Now is the time to schedule her hair loss consultation?

In many cases, hair loss can be reversed or minimized when we know the root cause(s).

The consultation includes a scalp analysis to find new opportunities for growth.

Give the gift of confidence in fuller stronger hair.

Color POPS!!!

Brighten your selfies with fresh color!!

Add dimension to your curls, and drama to your blow outs with expert placement of color. All color services are tailored to the clients hair texture, preferences, and inspiration!!

Smoothing treatments are the secret to easy wash and go styling!!

Who would’ve thought that a smoothing treatment helps curls!! The proof is in the pudding!

Smoothing treatments add layers of amino acids to the hair that strengthen each cuticle layer. The new support opens the curl pattern just enough to make your wash and go styling easier. Smoothing treatments help with shrinkage, while protecting the curl pattern. Its a blessing in a bottle!!

Book your smoothing treatment and keep the styling process easy and healthy!

Protect your Hair at Home

HQ at Home Boxes are still shipping out!! Clients are loving the complete care at home, safe from the pandemic.

And you got options!!

Choose from the following

Scalp Detox Box

Blow Dry Box

Curly Care Box

Long & Strong Box

Hair Growth Box!!

A new box is dropping isn June, ready to grow your hair for realllllllll!!!

Stay tuned!

Wrap up the Month in Style!

Book your summer hair styles for Memorial Day, whether your flying out or staying in.

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