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Newsletter for March

Spring is around the corner.. Get ready!!!

March is on our heels, and our hair cannot wait. Check out all the goodness that March will bring in at HQHC.

Better blows out for better weather

Hopefully the chillest days are behind us as spring starts to roll in. Although warmer, it’ll still be a wet, rainy month to enjoy. Extend the life of your styles with a smoothing treatment. The HQHC treatment is simple application of amino acids to strengthen weak spots along the hair shaft, ease tight curl patterns, and extend the life of any blow out or wash and go. March 15th-31st take 20% off your application to get ready for the spring and summer months.

Complete Hair Care at Home

We are boxing HQ up and shipping it to your door steps! The HQHair box is designed to take care of the client from the wash bowl to the final shine spray with all of your favorite salon products. All boxes include shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioner, HQHair oil, and styling products. The savings are steep, ranging from $70-85, that cover scalp care, hair loss, blowouts, natural care and more.. Check out which box would fit your needs when you shop online at use code 1stBox for 10% off your first order.

HQ Hair Oils Launch & Stock

HQHair Oils have quickly become clinical favorites, from the fragrance to the healthy scalps to the stronger hair strands. Great news! Your favorites will be restocked soon, Cedarwood & Rosemary and the Cypress & Peppermint. Meanwhile back at the ranch, a new formula is dropping soon. Come March 10th, try out the Lavender & Rosehip face and body oil. Light to the touch and super sweet smelling, your can roll back the years will our oil. Filled with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil, it will help fight the affect of the environment and dry skin. Safe to use all over, everyday. Check out the release on March 10th and use code LEXIBDAY for 10% all HqHair Oil purchases.

You Grow Girl Series & Social Connect

Want to learn more about HQ salon services? Checkout You Grow Girl: The Salon Series on Instagram and Youtube! Dropping in March, follow the growth journey of two clients, one transitioning to natural hair and the other just starting her natural hair journey. Each client has different hair goals, textures and circumstances. Follow us online at @hqhairclinic on Facebook and Instagram. The series will be under Blush Biz Mgmt on Youtube. More details and links will be available soon.

Covid-19 Safety at the salon

Safety protocols designated by the CDC are still in place at HQ to keep the clients and staff safe from exposure to COVID-19. Along with many clients, practitioners will soon be vaccinated to future ensure the safety at during service. Please remember to social distance your appointments by scheduling online. At this time, last minute appointments and “squeeze me in” appointments will no longer be admissible. Online booking at allows for plenty of space between clients to clean and disinfect the space of potential hazards. Also, please be on time to your appointments. Delays infringe upon the cleaning time needed to keep the space safe.

Personal note from Lexi

I look forward to servicing everyone in the best methods available. The HQ is developing quite lovely, with gratitude to the every client who has joined me.. I look forward to new experiences and sexy healthy hair for all.



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